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What's Going On Podcast with Mike Greer

Mike Greer is a powerhouse and he is working overtime to be California's District 2 Assemblyman. His very nature is to work long and hard for his community, which he has been doing since he was twenty-seven on the town City Council of Gridley, California. He's interested in working for the people of California, not the special interest groups that proliferate our current political landscape.

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Mike Greer is my father -in-law, and probably the only Republican I would EVER vote for; not because he's my FIL, but because he's a good man that cares. F🤬k the two MAGAt's hosting though; it's their smarmy-ass Democrat bashing that's not even based on any facts that is the reason Mike Greer is the ONLY Republican I would ever vote for. I don't necessarily agree with him on most things, but go back and listen to that interview again with this in mind: any time the conversation involves anything the Democrats have, are, or (and this is where they go into fantasyland) will do, the two hosts voices take on this disdainful, condescending, smarm that tells me that they…

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