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The challenges we face living in California.

Every year we see new issues causing new problems with little to no solutions being offered. Common sense in California is at an all time low. Over the last few years Californians have begun fleeing the state looking for a new home that will look out for their best interests.


By raising educational standards, we aim to transform our schools into bastions of learning and achievement. This starts with holding students, staff, and parents accountable and ensuring a safe, conducive learning environment. We believe in the power of education to change lives and are committed to making substantial improvements in this area.

The Problem

Ineffective approach to education, lack of safety and discipline in classrooms, and insufficient community involvement threaten the education and security of our children.

The Solution

  • Ensure safe, accountable, and productive learning environments.

  • Enhance parental involvement and transparency in curriculum and teaching methods.

  • Implement local control over school board functions to cater to diverse cultural groups.

  • Promote school choice and safeguard tax money allocated to charter/private schools.

  • Review and improve financing methods, particularly for special education and the Local Control Funding Formula.

  • Enable reciprocal agreements with other states for hiring teachers and staff.

Community Safety

Safety is a fundamental right. Our approach involves strengthening law enforcement, revising policies to ensure accountability for criminal activities, and investing in our juvenile justice system. A safe community is the bedrock of a thriving society.

The Problem

Crime rates are rising, affecting streets, homes, and schools. Current policies fail to hold offenders accountable, leading to repeated offenses. California families need assurances that they can provide for their families and keep them safe.

The Solution

  • Restore and increase police authority and training.

  • Reinstate consequences for criminal activities by enhancing funding for jails and prisons.

  • Reform bail laws and lower the theft threshold for arrests.

  • Hold criminals accountable, not victims or police.

  • Strengthen juvenile court systems and shift educational responsibilities to counties.

Housing & Homeless

We are dedicated to tackling the housing crisis and the growing issue of homelessness. This involves reviewing current spending, enhancing accountability, and exploring innovative solutions to provide more affordable housing options and support services.

The Problem

Current strategies to combat housing affordability and homelessness are falling short. The housing crisis continues to escalate, pricing out many from homeownership, while homelessness pervades our streets and communities. Despite significant financial investments, these issues persist, impacting the quality of life and the overall well-being of our residents.

The Solution

  • Boost Affordable Housing: Incentivize low and moderate-income housing development and streamline zoning laws.

  • Reform Homelessness Programs: Improve support systems with a focus on long-term solutions including mental health and job training.

  • Ensure Financial Efficiency: Audit housing and homelessness spending to maximize impact.

  • Engage Local Communities: Collaborate with stakeholders for tailored housing solutions.

  • Advocate for Legislative Changes: Push for policy reforms to address housing and homelessness at the root.

Cost of Living

The high cost of living in California is unsustainable for many of our citizens. Our plan includes re-evaluating state policies related to taxes, utilities, and other essential services to reduce the financial burden on our residents.

The Problem

California's residents face an unsustainable high cost of living, impacted by steep taxes, utility costs, and essential services.

The Solution

  • Tax Policy Review: Re-evaluate state tax policies to reduce financial burden on residents.

  • Utility Cost Management: Address high utility costs through regulatory reforms and incentives for efficiency.

  • Service Cost Oversight: Implement measures to control costs in essential services, ensuring affordability.

Your Role in This Vision

This journey to a better California is not one I undertake alone. It requires the collective effort of all of us. I pledge to be a voice for you - to listen, engage, and advocate for your needs and concerns. Your participation is crucial, and I encourage you to join me in town hall meetings and other community events to make your voice heard.



With a proven track record in educational leadership and a firsthand understanding of the challenges we face, from wildfire threats to water issues, I am ready to fight for effective change. Join me as we work together for a better, safer, and more affordable California. It's time for action, and together, we can make a difference.

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