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Hi, I'm Mike Greer

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I have been happily married to Shannon Greer for 51 years, and together we have raised five children and now enjoy the company of our thirteen grandchildren. Our family is the bedrock of my life, providing both joy and a deep sense of responsibility.

As a proud resident of Del Norte County for the past four years, I have developed a strong connection to this community. My professional background as a special education teacher has enriched my understanding of the unique challenges and needs in education, a field I am deeply passionate about.

A pivotal moment in my career was during the California Paradise fires, where I led the Paradise Unified School District Board through rebuilding while serving on the school board. This experience, during the tumultuous Camp Fire period, honed my crisis management skills and underscored the importance of resilience and community solidarity in the face of adversity.

My life's journey, marked by family dedication, community involvement, and a commitment to education and public service, shapes my approach to leadership. It's a journey that reinforces the values of empathy, responsibility, and the importance of serving others.


My journey into politics is driven by a desire to bring back common sense to California's governance. I am committed to addressing the challenges of high living costs, ineffective government spending, and the deterioration of essential services like education and public safety. My experience in facing and managing issues such as the Camp Fire and the Oroville Dam failure has equipped me with unique insights into the needs and struggles of our communities.


  1. Educational Leadership Experience:

    • Trustee Roles: Served as a trustee for the Del Norte County Office of Education and the Del Norte Unified School District.

    • School Board Presidency: Led the Paradise Unified School District Board during the challenging Camp Fire period.

  2. Regional Influence in Education:

    • Regional Director: Held the position of Elected Director for Region 1 of the California County Boards of Education, representing Lake, Mendocino, Humboldt, and Del Norte Counties.

  3. Early Political Career:

    • City Council Member: Demonstrated early commitment to public service by being elected to the City of Gridley, CA, Town Council at the age of 27.

  4. Advocacy and Lobbying Skills:

    • Extensive Experience: Over 15 years of lobbying in Washington D.C. and Sacramento, focusing on critical issues like education policies and wildfire management.

  5. Professional Expertise in Education:

    • Special Education: Retired Special Education Transition Specialist.

    • Union Leadership: Former president of the California Teachers Association, representing special education professionals.

    • Educational Governance: Played leadership roles in the Feather River Service Center, emphasizing teacher training and educational governance.

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